Exploring Bicycle Highways To Transform Mobility

Presented Thursday, October 28, 2021

Panel Presentation Recording

Imagine high-quality, continuous, long-distance bikeways that enhance local and regional connectivity. Well, this concept may not be as far off as we think. In this panel, hear about two bike highway studies underway in the Bay Area as the panelists share all about community engagement, design concepts, and other examples from around the world.

Elliot Goodrich, Associate Transportation Planner, Caltrans District 4

Elliot Goodrich is an Associate Transportation Planner in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Branch at Caltrans Bay Area (District 4) and the project manager for the Caltrans Bay Area Bike Highway Study. Elliot works to facilitate Caltrans’ complete streets efforts ranging from implementing safer pedestrian crossings of State Highways to developing visionary, long-range bike network plans. He is dedicated to improving the experience of people walking, biking, and riding transit along and across the State Transportation Network within the Bay Area. Elliot is an alumnus of the University of Oregon and resident of Oakland, CA, where he rides his bike for business and for pleasure.

Download Presentation from Elliot Goodrich (PDF)

Brent Pearse, Transportation Planner

Brent Pearse is a Transportation Planner for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and a Senior Fellow at American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley, where he focuses on land use, active transportation and building better places for people in San Jose, CA.

Brent is a servant leader with experience in community building, public engagement, land use policy, mobility planning and open space preservation. He has dedicated his career to transportation and the people served by VTA.

Brent is an avid cyclist and urbanist. He lives with his wife and two children in San Jose and strives to make bicycling his primary transport mode.

Download Presentation from Brent Pearse (PDF)

Mauricio Hernandez, Senior Planning Associate, Alta Planning + Design

Mauricio is a transportation planner with over 12 years of experience focusing on active transportation, bike share implementation, and transit access. His passion lies in the development and implementation of active transportation, tactical urbanism, and?open streets projects with a focus on public engagement and data analytics. Originally from Bogotá Colombia, Mauricio has led numerous bicycle and pedestrian master planning efforts at the city, regional and state scales. As a native Spanish speaker and daily bicyclist, he has incorporated bilingual public involvement strategies to the transportation planning process. Mauricio has also served as lead research and author in research projects for the Federal Highway Administration and the National Academies of Science.

Download Presentation from Mauricio Hernandez (PDF)

Jacky Franco, Owner and Co-Founder of META, LLC

Jacky is 26 years old and born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Jacky and her family migrated to California at one-year of age. Jacky has lived in East San Jose ever since. Jacky has a passion for organizing and serving her community and for running her small business, META.

META is a cooperative owned business made up of eleven Latina women. META offers facilitation, outreach services and community organizing training to community groups, non-profits, organizations and government entities. Our Mission is to serve as a bridge between community and other entities, so that we can bring more information and resources to our neighborhoods in East San Jose.

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