Virtual Networking

Thursday, October 28, 2021, 8:45 - 9:30 am

During this session, attendees will be able to chat with others - almost as if we were in-person! Attendees will be given a list of breakout rooms that each have a theme. Attendees can self-select which breakout room to attend and they can exit and enter new rooms as they please. There are no formal presentations during this session, just the opportunity to network, ask questions, and listen to each other in a casual virtual setting. The list below identifies the room and the coordinating hosts. We hope to see you!

  • Technical Assistance Opportunities with the Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC). Hosted by Emily Abrahams and Summer Lopez, Caltrans.
  • Caltrans Active Transportation (CAT) Plans. Hosted by Kevin Tucker, Caltrans
  • Non-Infrastructure Programs. Hosted by Marianne Hernandez and Judi Polakoff, California Department of Public Health.
  • Public Health. Victoria Custodio
  • Safe Routes to Schools. Kristin Haukom
  • Active Transportation Counts. Julia Griswold, SafeTREC and Mary Hartegan, Caltrans
  • Eco-Counter. Neal Poku, Eco-Counter.
  • Miovision. Zach Bogdon, Miovision.
  • Active transportation Research. Tyler Monson, Caltrans
  • FHWA Pedestrian Safety Countermeasures. Peter Eun and Rebecca Crowe, FHWA
  • Active Transportation Safety. Jessica Downing, Caltrans
  • Complete Streets. Ali-Doerr, Caltrans
  • Project Implementation Best Practices Sharing. Desiree Fox and Trina Luo, Caltrans
  • Community-Based Organizations. Laura Cohen, Rails to Trails and Josh Meyer, LGC
  • Public Engagement in a Virtual Environment. Kendee Vance, Caltrans
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