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Active Transportation Program Workshop - ATP Next Steps

Caltrans ATP Next Steps Workshop originally presented on August 25, 2021.

This workshop, hosted by the Caltrans ATP Team, outlined the next steps for the awarded agency to begin their project. The workshop covered these administrative topics:  Allocation, Invoicing, Timely Use of Funds, Project Management, and Reporting.  An overview of the resources provided via the Active Transportation Resource Center was also given. This workshop is helpful for new awardees and any past awardees that need a refresher.

ATP Next Steps - Introduction (PDF)

Part 1 - First Steps (PDF)

Part 2 - Allocation Process (PDF)

Part 3 - Invoicing (PDF)

Part 4 - CTC Processes (PDF)

Part 5 - Timely Use of Funds (PDF)

Part 6 - Project Management (PDF)

Part 7 - Reporting (PDF)

Part 8 - About the ATRC (PDF)

ATP Next Steps - Q & A (PDF)

View the Recorded ATP Next Steps Presentation