Active Transportation Counts

The ATRC is spearheading the efforts to guide the collection of user counts for active transportation projects.

Interim Count Guidance

The ATP requires bike and pedestrian user counts as the project evaluation metric. The Interim Count Methodology Guidance is intended to instruct awardees on how to do counts to meet the minimum expectations for the evaluation requirements of the ATP, until a final Statewide Count Guidance is developed.

Interim Count Methodology Guidance

Flash Training on the Interim Count Guidance

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Statewide Count Guidance and Database Project

The ATRC is working to develop and implement a Statewide Count Methodology Guidance and a Statewide Active Transportation Count Database (SATDB) to store the count data collected.

The Guidance and SATDB is needed to:

  • meet the data collection and reporting needs of the Active Transportation Program (ATP)
  • establish statewide consistencies for data collection and reporting
  • encourage MPOs and local agencies to utilize these methods and tools
  • streamline the ongoing and future data collection efforts across California
  • Ensure the statewide pedestrian and bicycle count database can eventually be loaded onto the California Geospatial Linear Referencing System (LRS)

Caltrans is collaborating with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), a statewide leader in active transportation counts, and a consultant team for this project.

Project Overview:

  • Gather input from California’s diverse data-stakeholders (Caltrans, MPOs, local agencies)
  • Develop statewide pedestrian and bicycle data collection, storage and reporting methodologies with a focus on statewide efficiencies for both manual and automated counts.
  • Develop a statewide database and modify it as necessary to meet the needs of Caltrans, MPOs, and local agencies to collect, store and report pedestrian and bicycle data.
  • Incorporate the methodologies and tools into the ATP application and reporting requirements, while at the same time allowing this ATP data to be leveraged by statewide data-stakeholders.
  • Provide formal statewide training and marketing to encourage state, regional and local data-stakeholders to take full advantage of the new statewide data collection, storage, and reporting tools.

Tentative Deliverables:

  • Final Statewide Count Methodology Guidance – December 2020
  • Online Database – March 2022
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