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Demonstration Projects and Open Streets


Demonstration Projects and Open Streets
  • Go Human – Events - Developed by SCAG, the Go Human campaign encourages people to walk and bike by hosting open streets events and safety demonstration projects. These events and projects showcase re-designed streets with safety in mind, highlighting improvements like protected bike lanes and enhanced crosswalks. Community members experience for themselves what potential or planned infrastructure changes can look and feel like, and have the opportunity to share feedback with city staff.
  • The Open Streets Project – Visit this link to learn Open Streets eventbasics including Getting Started, Planning Your Route, Funding Your Program, Marketing, Logistics, and Evaluation.
  • The Open Streets Guide - This guide includes an introduction, an OpenStreets best practices overview, over 60 case studies organized into a typology of seven common model types, and graphics that summarize findings from Open Streets research conducted by two national non-profits, the Alliance for Biking and Walking, and The Street Plans Collaborative.
  • Tactical Urbanism and Safe Routes to School - The Safe Routes Partnership has two fact sheets: The first outlines how pop-up projects can be used to advance Safe Routes to School projects, and the second addresses how to conduct a pop-up Safe Routes to School project in your community.