Technical Assistance

ATP Disadvantaged Communities Technical Assistance Program

About the ATP DAC TA Program

The ATRC began offering tailored technical assistance to disadvantaged communities in ATP Cycle 4 and continues to offer this program today. The ATP DAC TA Program provides no-cost training workshops and application development to agencies with projects serving disadvantaged communities that have had limited success in receiving funding for active transportation projects. The ATP DAC TA Program offers tailored assistance for ten or more disadvantaged communities statewide, including tribal communities.

Example types of support for selected technical assistance recipients include, but are not limited to:

What is Capacity Building?

The ATRC seeks to provide Capacity Building through this Program. The CA Strategic Growth Council sums up the SB 1072 definition perfectly:

“The process of strengthening local coordination, leadership, knowledge, skills, expertise, and access to resources in California Native American tribal and under resourced communities with the goal of helping to develop or increase the ability of that community to independently compete for grants and implement projects in the future.”

About Previous DAC TA Programs

Program History:

The ATP DAC TA Program has looked differently over the years but has impacted many agencies and Tribes in a positive way. Although this program does not guarantee a funded ATP application, all of the recipients have received invaluable training and built staff capacity

Here’s some details and successes of previous Programs:

Reports from Previous Programs

Cycle 5 Training Webinars from DAC TA Providers


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